Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cry Me A River

I was part of a revolt once. It was back in junior year of high school. I was in Mrs. Jones' English class (my favorite class) and she decided to let a student teacher come in and take over. Well, we were all pretty used to having Mrs. Jones and not happy with the change so it didn't exactly go over well with the class. You see, we knew how to work Mrs. Jones. We knew which buttons could be pressed and how far we could bend her to our will. This new chick comes in and we immediately hated her. Who did she think she was? All running the class like she owns us and shit. Well hell no we won't go. That lasted for about a week. Now I mentioned that this was my favorite class and in this week we weren't getting anything done. I loved writing but being stuck in a holding pattern with the teacher was annoyingly counterproductive. The bully the teacher routine got old and tired and personally I didn't care anymore. She didn't seem so bad once you got know her. She gave us some letter writing assignment for homework and I took the opportunity to address her. It was signed anonymously but anyone with half an eye open in that room knew it was mine when she read it loud. Basically what the letter entailed was a series of compromise, moving forward and actually getting some work done. The class, more than likely bored with the routine as well, agreed. After that it was all rainbows and sunshine.

Mrs. Jones was Terry Francona, the student teacher was Bobby Valentine. Get it?

In the end, all revolutions are met with compromise. So what the fuck is up with the Red Sox right now? Boo friggin hoo Francona's gone and you have a new boss. Boo friggin hoo he does things different. Cry me a fucking river. Whatever Francona was doing wasn't working so a change was necessary. I remember September 2011. I remember the absolute embarrassment of that implosion. I remember hanging my head in shame and swearing off baseball for an entire season. I have the luxury of doing that, but these players don't. As a fan, I've barely shown up to games. As players they've done likewise. There is no intensity, no teamwork, no accountability, no compromise. Just a bunch of whiny overpaid losers stomping their feet and not getting their way.

Let's begin at the beginning...

Ownership doesn't just fire Terry Francona, but they commit a complete and total character assassination on the man before he even reaches the exit door. It's my personal opinion, and that of many others, that the owners were the source of "leaked" information about Francona's marital issues and alleged prescription drug use. I take it with a grain of salt. They knew Theo was heading for the hills on the fastest possible horse so they had nothing to lose. In killing Francona's character the killed any chance of respect for the incoming manager, either from the team or from fans.

I still insist that hiring Valentine was a very calculated move. He's a guy who runs his mouth, calls players out and in short makes himself a target for the masses. The media and fans have focused their frustration solely on the new boss. Let's be honest, he doesn't have much power to begin with. Rumor has it Terry wasn't even allowed to make his own lineup, Lucchino sent it down from above. Rumors, but still... Francona let the wheels come off the bus last year when he lost control, Valentine isn't going to make it any better. He can't command respect in a clubhouse that has no accountability.

(pic via LOLSox)

Not one single player was made to pay for last year's mistakes so why would they change their ways now? The owners have every single aspect of that team micromanaged to a fault... except the players. Not one single member of that team has performed to the best of their abilities. You can see the toxicity in the dugout between each other and with the coaches. They hate their jobs right now. Is it really that hard to put on a uniform and play ball? Shit I'd do it for free. These guys get paid millions of dollars to put on a major league uniform and play at some of the greatest ball parks in America and they're acting like spoiled little princesses. Instead of accepting the new sheriff in town they go to the owners and complain. Boo hoo we aren't getting our way. Shut the fuck up. Just do your job, collect your check and shut the fuck up. The opinions of players are not necessary.

I'm going to say this once and I'm going caps lock this: JASON VARITEK CANNOT RUN THIS TEAM. No. No. No and more NO. If Francona couldn't and Valentine can't how does anyone expect Varitek to get results? This meme has been going around and frankly it's annoying. This team needs a manager that demands respect, Varitek is not going to be that man. I don't know where this idea started, but it's dumbassery on parade. That is all.

I understand how easy it is to blame the new guy but not once have I seen Bobby Valentine come out of the dugout and vomit up 8 runs in 5 innings. Leaving Lester in too long back in July was not to intentionally embarrass him. Lester did a great job of embarrassing himself. No one can embarrass you, you can only embarrass yourself. No one is doing their job. No one is performing. I've heard the boos at Fenway and I would be booing til I was hoarse. A fan pays good money to see a team perform and no one is producing. It's been so bad that the owners have come up with gimmicks that are abhorrent to the current state of the Sox.

Releasing balloons into the city with tickets. A story of a kidnapped Wally. What a joke. They are so out of touch with reality that they insult the fans with this shit. All they care about is asses in seats. Don't even get me started on the supposed sellout streak. Fenway's 100th has turned into psych ops for the sychophant fans. Ho hum if we pretend we aren't losing then it can't be happening. La di da. Sweeeet Caroliiinnne.... ugh blow me.

So who does Gonzalez think he is? Che Guevera? C'mon man and even more disappointing Pedroia had a hand in this "revolt"? If I were the owners listening to a bunch of millionaire assholes complaining I'd have given each and every one a one week unpaid vacation and let some minor leaguers come up. Mandatory game attendance on their own dime, just sit back and watch the minor leaguers do your job. But then of course, I command accountability. Personal responsibility. Every one of those bitches would be in time out. The owners in this case, do not. They apparently think ignoring the problem will make it disappear. As much as they've done for the team and stadium itself, they need to call it and fall on their swords. Check Francona's back. There might still be one there.

In closing, this is pathetic. This team will not make the postseason. They will continue to fail miserably and nothing will change. Let another manager come in. It won't matter one bit. A team that refuses to be led will never succeed. I have absolutely no optimism left for this year. To be honest, I didn't have much at the beginning. Let the sycophant Sox fans fill the wagons. I'll never completely abandon ship, but this has reached a Jersey Shore level of embarrassment for those watching with their eyes open. It's a train wreck and the owners and players can't decide who the train conductor is.